Miami meets Mallorca: Discover the essence of our Boutique Hotel in Portals Nous


Mallorca is an island which for many decades has been writing its history through cultural generations whose mannerisms and way of being have evolved over time. The influences are countless: from the roman period, passing through to the Muslim conquest and sharing idiosyncrasy with countries like Italy and England. These diverse mixes can be appreciated in many places and in many ways, however there is a corner of the island which has a never before seen fusion: Miami comes together with Mallorca at our Boutique Hotel in Portals Nous. Would you like to know more about this lifestyle orientated combination? We will be giving you all the details in this blog article.


Art deco and the finer details of our Boutique Hotel in Portals Nous

The first things that get your attention of the surroundings and vegetation of our Boutique Hotel in Portals Nous are its palm trees, which you could easily mistake of those on the beaches of south west Florida, which provide shade for our spectacular infinity pool and the entrance of the hotel. Once inside, in regards to the architectural style, the interior design instantly jumps out, with the white and gold tones of the art deco style, an artistic style which triumphed during the golden era of Miami in the 20’s and 30’s and which brings to life each and every one of our exclusive rooms. The most striking elements are the flamenco footsteps on the entrance tables of our hotel and the crocodiles that roam the upper area of our building – almost like in the Everglades. The finer details of the interior of our establishment can be experienced in a more visual way in the photo gallery of our website.


Our restaurant in Portals Nous and the Collins Avenue in Miami beach

The true star of our gastronomic offer is the Collins restaurant, which is also inspired by Miami. Its name makes a reference to Collins Avenue, an important avenue in Miami Beach which is the home of many historic art deco hotels and various nightclubs on the north side of the avenue. Without a doubt, a space as important as our restaurant in Portals Nous must pay homage to Miami and art deco, in order to reflect the Collins Avenue.


Sleep in a colonial style room at our luxury hotel in Portals Nous

As you navigate through the corridors of our Boutique Hotel in Portals Nous you will find the majestic Key West Suite, a colonial style room measuring around 50 square metres and which exudes the complete essence of south Florida. Its name pays homage to Key West, the most western island of the Florida Keys, which served as a residence to important writers from that era such as Ernest Hemmingway and Tennesse Williams, whose homes can be found in this area and which have served as inspiration for generations of playwrights and literary fanatics.


A unique fusion between Miami and the Mediterranean

Portals Hills Boutique Hotel in Portals Nous is, without a doubt, an authentic and unique fusion of Miami and the Mediterranean. It’s white façade, infinity swimming pool and carefully thought out details mean that, alongside the views from this Mallorcan hill, it be a never before seen fusion on the island which means that your experience be a memorable adventure through each of these incredible locations. Watch the sun slowly set into the Mediterranean Sea from your colonial suite or from any of our facilities, an authentic delight which you will experience very few times in life…unless you stay with us again!


Reserve your room at our luxury hotel in Portals Nous

We have already told you about the essence of our facilities and what makes our Boutique Hotel in Portals Nous such a unique place in the world. Now it’s your turn to come and see it for yourself. And we couldn’t make it any easier: if you reserve directly on our website, you will get 10% off your reservation, 15% off wellness, 15% off our luxury yacht charter, early check-in (subject to availability), premium wi-fi and a free bottle of cava. See you in paradise!