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Portals Hills Boutique Hotel is run by BLISS Hospitality Group, a service, management and operations company specializing in high-end hotel and residential properties. Our management combines the concept of luxury hospitality with an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Characteristics such as ambience, architecture and local flavour are fundamental. Even more crucial are first-class services and creative amenities. A delicate balance of these factors ensures that each destination earns its own unique stamp and delivers a truly unforgettable travel experience.

BLISS Hospitality Group is establishing a growing collection of luxury hospitality and lifestyle destinations that are all developed and managed through its hotel, restaurant and real estate groups. With the ability to unite a wide array of lifestyle experiences, BLISS Hospitality Group brings a new and refreshing dimension to the ever-changing luxury hospitality industry.


Portals Hills Boutique Hotel

Calle SeguĂ­ 4
07181 Portals Nous
Mallorca • Spain
Phone: +34 971 679 040

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