KRISTIN MACH · Hotel Management · Portals Hills Boutique Hotel

Kristin Mach started off her career at the Steigenberger Hotel in Dresden and following a hotel management course, worked in different five-star hotels in Spain. During this time Kristin Mach gained extensive knowledge in Front Office, Housekeeping and Food & Beverage. After a short stay in the municipality of Andorra the German native came to Mallorca seven years ago. Here she has been able to express her enthusiasm for the luxury hotel sector on a professional level, earning an outstanding reputation for herself in this area. Over the past few years Ms. Mach has held different managerial positions and is ever-evolving as a passionate host for her demanding guests. 



LUIS HEYMANN · Managing Director · Finest Selection Group
With an extensive career selling high-end properties in some of the world’s most sought-after destinations, the owner and manager of the award-winning Finest Selection Group believed that Mallorca lacked a certain level of glamour and lifestyle. Luis decided to bring the South Beach way of life and energy to Mallorca, and with it a luxury lifestyle concept was born. Alongside a team of renowned local and international architects and interior designers, Luis has created this outstanding work of architecture that will certainly appeal to even the most discerning of tastes.

LUC VAN ACKER · Senior Designer · Finest Selection Interior Design
Originally from Belgium, this renowned and talented interior designer specialises in high-end commercial and residential properties. His signature style is to mix Miami-inspired art deco with Mediterranean design elements and he has made Portals Hills Boutique Hotel arguably one of the best concept design hotels in Spain.

JO KIEFER · Architect
Architect to the core, Jo creates island homes with a cosmopolitan charm. He combines traditional Mallorcan style and Mediterranean architecture with the contemporary, adding a touch of modern art. Jo’s incredible expertise makes him the ideal architect to accomplish this Miami-inspired project with its art deco elements alongside modern Spanish influences.

Portals Hills Boutique Hotel

Calle SeguĂ­ 4
07181 Portals Nous
Mallorca • Spain
Phone: +34 971 679 040

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