Things to do in Mallorca at the end of the summer

Mallorca, a renowned global hotspot for its idyllic beaches, attracts millions of visitors annually with its pristine waters, mountain-encircled coves, and powdery white sand beaches.

While Mallorca is undoubtedly at its zenith during summer, its allure extends far beyond the peak season. After the masses of beachgoers and sunseekers have dispersed, the island’s splendour, cultural richness, and array of activities remain unscathed. Portals Hills Boutique Hotel is pleased to advise you on things to do in Mallorca once the summer fades away.


Sail the Mediterranean Sea and engage in your favourite outdoor activity!

Those who like peace and tranquillity as well as doing sports will discover Mallorca to be their favourite holiday spot.


The island’s climatic conditions and exceptional natural surroundings allow for the creation of internationally acclaimed golf courses. Consider, for example, T-Golf, which boasts two distinct golf courses: one in Calviá, with British-style greens, and another in Palma, evoking the essence of a classic North American golf course. Additionally, T-Golf actively supports a foundation dedicated to protecting the local fauna.


A sailing trip to hidden coves

Imagine having the whole Mediterranean Sea to yourself! Witness the expanse of azure waters seamlessly blending with the distant horizon at sunset while a deserted shore serves as an idyllic backdrop. Chartering a yacht to cruise the island allows you to enjoy the luxury of privacy in one of the most gorgeous places on the planet.




The Balearic marinas are a popular gathering spot for individuals worldwide seeking to taste the luxurious Mediterranean lifestyle. There, it’s easy to bump into celebrities, tycoons, public figures, and other people who enjoy the high life.


Puerto Portals

Near our boutique hotel in Portals, you’ll find the most fabulous marinas on the island. Especially Puerto Portals is the preferred mooring place for the most impressive yachts plying Mallorca’s coasts.

In keeping with its reputation as a global hotspot for jet-setters, this iconic marina is home to numerous high-end shops and boutiques showcasing exclusive fashion and art.

Its culinary scene is unparalleled, with renowned establishments such as Flanigan, a reputable waterfront restaurant serving top-quality local cuisine, and Tahini, one of the best sushi eateries in Mallorca.


Port Adriano

Located near the marine reserve of El Toro, Port Adriano is a modern designer marina. It accepts small, medium, and large boats.


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