Boutique hotel in Portals Nous: Summary of the 2019 season

November is always a bittersweet month for us. On the one hand, we are enormously proud to have been part of thousands of our visitor’s holidays at our boutique hotel in Portals Nous, but on the other hand, we can’t enjoy the sun or our infinity pool until next year. But it’s a great time […]
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Palmas top secrets, brought to you by our Boutique Hotel in Portals Nous

Spending a holiday in Mallorca has often been compared to being in paradise. Its beaches, its people, its countryside and its impressive Serra de Tramuntana, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, are what make this island so incredible. And within all the possibilities which the island offers, you will find of course, accommodation at […]
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An incredible night of glitz and glamour at our boutique hotel in Mallorca

In just a few weeks Portals Hills Boutique Hotel in Portals Nous together with Global Ibiza Radio will be hosting one of Mallorca’s most unforgettable and incredible evenings, our exclusive White Party. Join us for an evening of high-class gastronomy, dazzling entertainment and extravagant activities. Continue reading for all the jaw dropping details.   World class […]
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Sushi Nights at our boutique hotel in Portals Nous

At Portals Hills Boutique Hotel in Mallorca, we know that no luxury stay is complete without a luxury gastronomy offer to match. Which is why as of Wednesday the 19th of June we would like to invite you to join us for our Sushi Nights, where you will be able to savour the most refined […]
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Live a healthy lifestyle at our Boutique Hotel in Portals Nous

Summer is approaching and there is nothing better than enjoying it to the maximum. Which is why, we need to take care of our body even more so than during the colder months. Not just for aesthetic purposes, but also to be able to live every moment to the fullest. The incredible summer photos, the […]
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Luxury yacht in Mallorca: discover the island at your own pace

Sunshine, mountains, an unbeatable natural landscape and a privileged enclave are the four factors which make Mallorca one of the most unique spots in the entire world. You will never forget a holiday to this magical island. With 300 days of yearly sunshine, you could enjoy one of the best places in the world to […]
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Savour the lunch menu at our restaurant in Portals Nous

Luxury stays are made up of different factors which guarantee incomparable comfort. It can’t be any other way, a person’s appetite must also be satisfied in a memorable way. The gastronomy of a hotel is mainly, the last flavour which the client takes away from the establishment and therefore must be planned out to the […]
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