Portals Hills bids farewell until next year, which will bring wonderful changes

Portals Hills finished the 2023 season at the end of November, after a year full of thrilling emotions.

Thousands of tourists visit the Balearic capital every year to enjoy an unforgettable holiday, soaking up the glorious Mediterranean sun and bathing in the crystalline waters. The island’s tranquillity and breathtaking landscapes attract visitors from all over the world, who come to experience the Mediterranean lifestyle for themselves. Epicurean travellers with savoir faire and a taste for the finer things in life choose Portals Hills to spend their exclusive holiday in Mallorca.


Portals Hills said goodbye to the 2023 season in November – and is already looking forward to the next season in 2024, which will bring a wealth of surprises and innovations.

Collins Restaurant

The Collins Restaurant, in Portals Hills, boasts panoramic sea views and an exquisite menu that showcases seasonal Mallorcan and international cuisine. It is open to the public for lunch and dinner, as well as to hotel guests.

On balmy summer evenings, we host barbecue evenings in an unforgettable setting, with excellent music and a relaxed, sophisticated ambiance.

Tailored guest experience

At Portal Hills, we pride ourselves on the quality of our customer service. As an exclusive boutique hotel in Portals, it is our mission to offer the finest, personalised attention that every guest deserves. We provide our guests with recommendations that are carefully tailored to their tastes and preferences and take care of every detail to make sure that every moment of their stay is truly unforgettable.

Event planning

As an exclusive holiday destination, we organise events from weddings to family reunions, birthdays to stag and hen parties at Portals Hills. We can provide a catering service, arrange a party in a special VIP area or plan an outing – we take care of everything, so that all you have to think about is enjoying the experience in good company.


Portals Hills in 2024

We will be back before you know it! Perfectly located near the glamorous Puerto Portals marina, we will return in 2024 ready to embrace the new season with a host of exciting new changes that will make Portals Hills an even more exclusive destination.

If you are already dreaming of your next holiday in Mallorca, you can reserve a suite in our boutique hotel in Portals.