Luxury yacht in Mallorca: discover the island at your own pace


Sunshine, mountains, an unbeatable natural landscape and a privileged enclave are the four factors which make Mallorca one of the most unique spots in the entire world. You will never forget a holiday to this magical island.

With 300 days of yearly sunshine, you could enjoy one of the best places in the world to rest and enjoy a setting like no other. This island is capable of fusing some of the best leisure offers in the world.

At Portals Hills Boutique Hotel in Portals Nous, we are aware that what this island has to offer its tourists is capable of elevating their experience to a superior level. Which is why, we have an exclusive yacht rental service in Mallorca, available to hotel guests but also to the general public, on which you can visit some of the best coves in the world.

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Mallorca, the home of the best coves in the world


Playa de Es Trenc

Although technically it’s not a cove, it deserves a spot on the list for being one of the best beaches in Mallorca.

One of the most charming things about it is that its surrounding land has been officially protected by the Balearic Government, making it a completely unspoilt area.

On board the Absolute 56 Fly you can access this beach as it is within close proximity to our hotel in Portals Nous, and cruise along enjoying its 57 feet in length.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re travelling alone or with friends, on our luxury yacht in Mallorca you can invite up to 12 guests, not including the staff.

An experience that will be forever in your mind but also in your heart.


Cala Mitjana

Heading further along you will find Cala Mitjana. Its powdery white sand and crystal-clear waters come together in a landscape which is the norm for one of the most idyllic destinations in the world.

Its excellent geographical location makes this cove a sanctuary of peace, which will be completely maximised on board our luxury yacht in Mallorca.

Yacht charters in Mallorca are one of the most recommended services for tourists. On which you will find an array of amenities which you won’t experience anywhere else.

It’s important to know that you might also be sharing the boat with other hotel guests. Which is why if you’re travelling with your family or alone, you can enjoy this experience without a worry.


Cala San Vicente

Finally, this is one of our favourites. As distance isn’t a problem, with the Absolute 56 Fly we can get you to the north west of the island to visit one of the most emblematic spots on the island with ease.

This triangle of coves, formed by Cala Barques, Cala Molins and Cala Clara, make up a luxury enclave which you can’t miss. You can skip from one cove to the other by just notifying the captain of the Absolute 56 Fly, reaching magical areas that will stay with you forever.

The experience on board the Absolute 56 Fly is one of the best on the island. Thanks to the versatility that it offers, we find ourselves before one of the best options for those who are passionate about luxury, exclusivity and tranquillity. Trust in our yacht rental in Mallorca, invest in serenity.