Discover Spanish culture with We Love Tapas at our boutique hotel in Mallorca


Discover the culture and customs of each area that you visit in an enriching and very interesting experience. At Portals Hills Boutique Hotel we present We Love Tapas, an event in which every Thursday evening you can enjoy Spanish culture and gastronomy. And what better way to start the evening than with live music and dancers? Above all, you will be able to appreciate the art of the dancers whilst choosing dishes to savour from our buffet of Mallorcan and Spanish dishes.

I Love Tapas has revolutionised Thursday nights with its Spanish and Mallorcan tapas and gastronomy. You can have whatever you like over and over again.


Enjoy the advantages of booking ahead of time

These magnificent evenings are carried out every Thursday from 7:30pm until 10:30 pm and have a price of 45 euros with no drinks included, but still includes the buffet. Also, if you are a resident and you book in advance in June and July, you will enjoy the event for 30 euros and we will gift you a bottle of wine, red or white and of your choosing, offer valid for two people.