Boutique hotel in Portals Nous: Summary of the 2019 season


November is always a bittersweet month for us. On the one hand, we are enormously proud to have been part of thousands of our visitor’s holidays at our boutique hotel in Portals Nous, but on the other hand, we can’t enjoy the sun or our infinity pool until next year. But it’s a great time to look back at all those highlights which have been part of the 2019 season. What about you? What has been your best moment from this year? We will be giving you a short summary in this blog article.


Luxury weddings with a touch of the seaside in Portals Nous

Love has been with us every day of the season this year. Portals Hills has been the backdrop for a series of weddings in Mallorca which will never be forgotten by all our happy couples. Our designer furniture, gourmet cuisine and the impressive sea views from our terrace will be a fond memory of the guests, which on more than one occasion saw the bride and groom disembark from our luxury yacht charter in Puerto Portals following a pleasant sail along the coast. The final hours of our weddings have also been unforgettable: our private nightclub SUITE 32 has seen many memorable dances which have been captured through our social media.


Gastronomic summer events at our boutique hotel in Portals Nous

Our gastronomic nights at Portals Hills were another highlight which we welcomed at our boutique hotel in Portals Nous. Every Wednesday of this summer we held our Sushi Nights, in which the highest quality fish fused with rice and created authentic flavour explosions which have surprised even the most refined palates. The sushi at the Collins Restaurant has treated us to some unforgettable banquets.

On the other hand, every Friday we have celebrated our open-air barbecues. And we have had so many surprises! This live show cooking event transformed our terrace and brought out the best flavours with our open-air charcoal in this beautiful corner. Without a doubt, alongside the Sushi Nights they have been the most special gastronomic events in the area.


White Party and Golden Afterwork: The biggest summer events

If we had to choose one event which stood out above the rest at our boutique hotel in Portals Nous, it would definitely have to be our White Party, held on the 12th of July and the Golden Afterwork on the 27th of September. In the first, we were able to enjoy a night of high-class gastronomy, awe inspiring entertainment and extravagant activities. In the second, we had the opportunity to welcome a grand catwalk from Las Tres Marias and the designer Lorena Cuesta, who left hundreds of guests stunned and who made her mark on the local and international papers. Two events which we still hold very deeply to our hearts.


Thank you for this season…we will see you in 2020 at our boutique hotel in Portals Nous!

All these moments have come together to make us one of the best hotels in Mallorca under the category “Best for sun worshipers” by the prestigious newspaper The Independent. Which is why you can’t miss the opportunity to spend your upcoming holiday at our boutique hotel in Portals Nous. Reservations for next season are now open, so take a look at our exclusive benefits for reserving directly on our website and spend next season with us in Portals Nous. We will be waiting for you!