Discover the luxury spa in Mallorca


Portals Hills, boutique hotel in Mallorca, is a lifestyle paradise. For us, your well- being comes first and is part of the philosophy of our team: to make your stay on the island an unforgettable experience of luxury and tranquillity. That is why amongst our services you will find the Portals Hills Wellness Lounge area, a corner of our hotel where you can completely disconnect from your day to day. At Portals Hills we want to tell you all about our luxury spa in Portals Nous.


A luxury spa in Mallorca that meets your needs

The luxury spa at our boutique hotel in Mallorca is an oasis of relaxation. From massages, going on to body and mind treatments and ending with luxurious cleansing and exfoliation techniques so that you can relax and feel your best self. We have health and beauty experts who join forces with our highly qualified team of physiotherapists who are there to care for you and can recommend the treatment that your body needs. Portals Hills Wellness Lounge has diverse specialised treatment rooms where you can relax and enjoy. Also, we have a wellness service in our discreet outdoor room, which will allow you to enjoy all of our services outdoors, an exclusive and different option with spectacular results.


Ligne St Barth products at our luxury spa in Mallorca

One of the main attractions of our programme at our luxury spa in Mallorca are our dermatological treatments from the exclusive and select range from Ligne St Barth, brought to you straight from the Carribean island. It is a luxury collection of products for your face, body and sun protection, the ingredients have been picked exclusively in the French Antilles and have been tested following strict cosmetic standards, these products use avocado, mango, lilies and the prestigious Annato seeds. Without a doubt Ligne St Barth is a unique option for skin protection, cellular activation and well-being in one of the most exclusive lifestyle complexes of Mallorca.




Other treatments at our luxury spa in Mallorca

Relaxing your body is essential for feeling well and comfortable during your stay in Mallorca. Our luxury spa in Mallorca has a solution to end stress and tension through the exclusive massages that we offer. A great option is our Swedish massage, a complete massage which improves blood flow, reduces muscle toxins and relieves tension to give more balance to the body. Other featured massages from our catalogue are the Thai, prenatal, signature, Indian and aromatherapy massage. A full range which can be adapted to your needs and tastes. Also, you can enjoy a selection of exclusive rituals and other services such as a delicate luxury manicure for hands or feet.


Reserve a room at our boutique hotel in Mallorca

Our luxury spa at Portals Hills Boutique Hotel is a winning option when it comes to adjusting your wellbeing and lifestyle on the island during your stay. Portals Hills ensures a unique experience with all of its services. If you want to escape everyday life and immerse yourself in the luxury of taking care of yourself and feeling well, reserve your room at our boutique hotel in Mallorca and live exclusivity first hand.