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BLISS HOSPITALITY PORTALS, S.L will invoice for 100% of the cost of the stay reserved by the client at the time of reservation.


Company registered office: Avda. Gabriel Roca nº4 1º izq. – 07014 Palma de Mallorca – Islas Baleares

Registration details: Entered on the companies register of Palma de Mallorca, Sheet 158 volume 2508, page PM-70229

Tax Identification Number: B57773400


- Cancellation without costs up to 3 days (at 12:00 pm) before the arrival date.

- Cost of 100% of the reservation in the event of non-appearance at the hotel.


1. Introduction

The reservation platform portals-hills.com is operated by the entity BLISS HOSPITALITY PORTALS, S.L which makes information available to its users regarding stays in the hotel Portals Hills Boutique, with the possibility for you to make your reservation on the same website, by calling customer services or directly with the hotel.

2. Contracting reservation services online

2.1. This is an agreement between BLISS HOSPITALITY PORTALS, S.L and the user.

2.2. The use of this website as well as the services and products made available on it, assumes the acceptance of the rules of use and general contracting conditions in its latest version. Therefore, we advise that you read these conditions before making your reservation each time you access our website, as BLISS HOSPITALITY PORTALS, S.L reserves the right to change, amend, add to or remove any part of these general conditions at any time.

2.3. The only pages which are included on the website are those which appear on the web map.

3. Reservation conditions

3.1. The reservation of nights in the hotel on this website implies the compliance with and acceptance by the client of all and every one of the conditions set out herein.

3.2. Only individual reservations or reservations for groups of less than 5 rooms are accepted through the website; to discover and take up the rates for groups of more than 5 rooms, please contact our groups department by email at: events@portals-hills.com

BLISS HOSPITALITY PORTALS, S.L reserves the right to unilaterally cancel and apply payment and/or cancellation conditions different to those initially contracted through the website, to those reservations for which it is verified or assumed that individually or jointly they exceed 5 rooms.

3.3. By accepting the following clauses, you hereby declare and accept:

1) That you are of adult age and have full capacity to make the reservation, stating that you understand and comprehend all the conditions that are found on the website.

2) That the details supplied when you made the online reservation are authentic, complete and concise.

3) That accessing this website is the responsibility of the user.

4) From the moment that you make the request, your reservation is subject to the present specific contract conditions and as a consequence, to the cancellation/non-appearance policy as set out earlier.

5) BLISS HOSPITALITY PORTALS, S.L will confirm the request by email within 24 hours of the correct receipt of the request.

6) That you confirm the reservation requested, that is, the dates indicated, and the number of rooms and people.

7) The conditions and price of the reservation are those expressly stated in the rate conditions expressly included on the page in which you make the reservation. Once the reservation has been made the electronic document in which it was completed will be filed, you can obtain a copy of the same at any time.

8) With respect to the relationship with BLISS HOSPITALITY PORTALS, S.L, the same gives you the opportunity to reserve rooms through their website.

9) As regards the price selected, payment will be made at the time of confirmation of the reservation. In the second case, in the event of cancellations or non-appearance (no shows), the reservation will be cancelled and the charge set in the price conditions will be made.

10) Offers will only be valid for the length of time that they remain accessible to the service recipient.

11) BLISS HOSPITALITY PORTALS, S.L reserves the right to amend those reservations which could be affected by a system error, third parties or other unforeseen circumstances. In the event of this situation, the client will be informed in writing of the actual valid price and/or the possible alternatives. In the event that the new conditions are not accepted, the client will have the right to cancel the reservation without charge. In the event of non-receipt of a response from the client within 48 hours of the amendment of the reservation, BLISS HOSPITALITY PORTALS, S.L will proceed to cancel the reservation without charge to the client.

4. Privacy

4.1. For the processing of your reservation, you hereby accept the Data Protection Policy of BLISS HOSPITALITY PORTALS, S.L.


In compliance with the obligation provided for in art. 22.2 of Law 34/2002, dated 11th of July, regarding company IT and e-commerce services, you are hereby informed that cookies are used on this website. A cookie is a piece of text information that websites transfer to the hard disk of computers that connect with it. We use "session cookies" to identify the user and keep their identification status. The "session cookies" are automatically erased from the hard disk when the session is ended. We also use cookies to gather anonymous and combined statistics which allow us to analyse the way in which the users use our website, for the purposes of improving it. Only the following information about visitors to our website is obtained and held:

a) The domain name of the supplier (PSI) and/or the IP address which accessed the network. For example, a user of supplier xxx will only be identified by domain xxx and /or the IP address. In this way we can produce statistics about the countries and servers which visit our website most frequently.

b) The date and time of accessing our website. This allows us to discover the busiest times, and make precise adjustments to avoid problems due to saturation during our busiest times.

c) The web address from which the visitor clicked through to our website via a link. Thanks to this information, we can find out the effectiveness of the different banners and links which point towards our server, with the aim of increasing those which offer the best results.

d) The number of visitors daily to each section. This allows us to discover which are the most successful areas and increase and improve their content, with the aim of achieving a more satisfactory result for the users.

You hereby permit us to obtain the following information:

a) The date and time when the user last visited our website.

b) The design of the content that the user selects when visiting our website.

c) Safety elements which play a part in controlling access to restricted areas.

Although the information obtained is, in principle, totally anonymous, pursuant to Report 327/2003 by the Spanish Agency for Data Protection, users are hereby informed that data previously mentioned will be incorporated into data files which are personal in nature by BLISS HOSPITALITY PORTALS, S.L. for the purposes previously detailed, and the user may exercise his/her right to access, correct, delete or oppose it, as indicated hereunder.

As regards BLISS HOSPITALITY PORTALS, S.L., this information may only be associated with a specific user in the event that said user is identified on the website, for example by said user having completed a reservation. In this case the data thus obtained will be incorporated into a file by BLISS HOSPITALITY PORTALS, S.L. for the purposes of market research and for the segmentation of website users for the purposes of developing commercial campaigns appropriate to the interest shown during browsing, with the user having the capacity to exercise his/her right to access, correct, delete and oppose it as indicated hereunder.

The user has the option to not receive cookies or to be informed of their installation through the configuration of their browser to this effect. However, in the event that the cookies are disabled, it's possible that they may not be able to use all the website functions.


2.1. INFORMATION REGARDING THE PERSONAL DATA FILE. - In accordance with the provisions of Law 15/1999, dated 13th of December, regarding Protection of Personal Data (LOPD), you are hereby informed that the personal data gathered by this website will be incorporated into files the responsibility for which is held, unless otherwise indicated, by BLISS HOSPITALITY PORTALS, S.L.. As a general point, you are hereby informed that the fields within the various forms on the website which are indicated as obligatory, must necessarily be filled in for the correct processing of your requests.

2.2. PURPOSES OF PROCESSING AND TRANSFERS – REGISTRATION FORM: The personal data gathered using this form will be used for the processing of your registration, as well as for the administration of user accounts, management of the relationship with the same and the control of access to content reserved for registered users.

CONTACT FORMS: The personal data gathered using these forms will be used to process your request. The data supplied using the contact form will be communicated to the recipient indicated by the user, expressly permitting the necessary international transfer of their data, when said recipients are outside the European Economic Area.

4.2. Your personal data will be incorporated in a file by BLISS HOSPITALITY PORTALS, S.L., for the administration, management and control of the reservation system in Portals Hills Boutique Hotel, as well as for statistical purposes. Your data has been supplied to us either directly by yourself, or on the other hand, by the person entrusted with making the reservation in your name. For the correct processing of the reservation, this information will be communicated to the destination hotel, expressly and necessarily permitting the international transfer of the personal data of the applicable travellers, when said hotel is outside the European Economic Area. You hereby expressly allow that the bank details supplied are used to deal with the possible penalties relating to cancellations or non-appearances. You may exercise you rights to access, correction, deletion and opposition in writing accompanied with a copy of your National ID card and addressed to our company's registered office.

5. Limitation to reproduction rights and trademark

The entire content of this website belongs to BLISS HOSPITALITY PORTALS, S.L. All rights reserved Portals Hills Boutique is a registered trademark.

6. Limitation of responsibility for the functioning of the website

BLISS HOSPITALITY PORTALS, S.L. will not accept responsibility for possible damages derived from interferences, interruptions, computer viruses, telephone breakdowns or disconnections resulting from causes outside the aforementioned merchant; for delays or crashes when using the present electronic system caused by defects or overloading in your data processing centre, telephone lines, internet system or in other electrical systems; nor from any other disturbance which could occur in the users' Software or Hardware.

Likewise, BLISS HOSPITALITY PORTALS, S.L. shall not compensate for damages caused by third parties through unlawful interferences beyond our control. Neither will it compensate for damages or losses caused by the use or misuse of the content of portals-hills.com nor for the consequences that could derive from errors, faults or omissions in the content which may appear on this website which is supplied by third parties, the third party being for these purposes, the selected hotel. The information on this website is amended periodically. The user must always check the information provided before acting on the basis of the same.

You hereby commit and guarantee to BLISS HOSPITALITY PORTALS, S.L. that you will not use their website nor register on the same for unlawful or prohibited purposes or in order to prevent other users from accessing the website, for the purposes of resale or for any other unauthorised purposes in accordance with the provisions of these terms and conditions.


1. Reservation

2. Cancellation conditions

3. Amendment to stay

4. Prices

5. Check-in and check-out time

6. Passports and visas

7. Registration of travellers with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

1. Reservation

All the accommodation reservations made through portals-hills.com are subject to the present general and specific conditions from the moment the reservation request is made via the website. Your reservation will be confirmed by email within 24 hours of making the reservation request.

During the reservation process, the client will have stated their express acceptance as regards the dates, establishment, price and conditions as regards changes and cancellations for the selected establishment. During the 24 hours after making the reservation, the client must check the email account that he/she provided. Portals-hills.com cannot be held liable if the client does not receive the confirmation email due to problems with their email account or on their server.

2. Cancellation conditions

The conditions regarding changes and cancellation appear at the beginning of this document and must be accepted before completing the purchase. BLISS HOSPITALITY PORTALS, S.L. exempts itself from any responsibility derived from the clients' failure to read said conditions or their omission of them.

3. Amendments to stay

In the event that the client wishes to extend or shorten their stay in the establishment or amend the number or type of rooms, he/she must in all cases communicate this to BLISS HOSPITALITY PORTALS, S.L. by telephoning customer services, where they will manage the services requested on the basis of the price conditions.

If the change to the dates implies a price change, the price corresponding to the dates in which the stay will occur will apply.

4. Prices

The prices indicated are Sale Prices to the Public including VAT/IGIC.


Price per night based on the type of room and catering level selected.


Any service not specified as well as extras such as transfers, tips, telephone calls, laundry services, mini-bar, parking, etc...

5. Check-in and check-out time

As a general rule and except for where expressly agreed otherwise with the establishment, the rooms can be used from 3 pm on the day of arrival and must be vacated by 12 pm on the departure day.

In the event that the guest anticipates that their arrival at the reserved establishment will occur on dates or at times different from those described, it is advisable, in order to avoid problems and wrong interpretations, to communicate this circumstance as early as possible to the Customer Service Department of portals-hills.com or directly to the establishment.

6. Passports, visas

All the travellers, without exception (including children), must carry all their personal and corresponding family documentation in due order, whether that be their passport or National ID card, pursuant to the laws of the country or countries that they visit. It is the responsibility of the same to obtain visas, passports, vaccination certificates, etc. where required for the trips. Those under 18 years of age must travel with their parents or tutors or with an adult duly authorised by them, for the circumstance in which the same may be requested by an authority. In the event of being refused visas by an authority, for reasons specific to the user, or being denied entry into the country due to non-fulfilment of the requisites required, or due to a fault in the required documentation, or due to not being a holder of the same, BLISS HOSPITALITY PORTALS, S.L. denies all liability for events of this nature, and any expense originating from them are the responsibility of the consumer, as under these circumstances the conditions and regulations established for the case of a no-show shall apply.

7. Recommendations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding travel destinations.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Co-operation recommends the registration of Travellers.

This register allows the Ministry to know, in the event of a crisis or disaster in a particular part of the world, how many Spanish citizens are there and contact them as quickly as possible through the Embassies and Consulates.

Any traveller wishing to do so may register on the Ministry website at www.mae.es by creating a username and password and inserting all the details relating to his/her trip, the country or countries they are planning to visit, contact information for during the trip, family, friends or other people's contact information, in the event that they cannot be contacted, whether they have taken out travel insurance, etc..

This information may be amended at any time, and the traveller can update this information even during their trip, by logging in from abroad. SUBJECT TO CHANGE