Savour the lunch menu at our restaurant in Portals Nous


Luxury stays are made up of different factors which guarantee incomparable comfort. It can’t be any other way, a person’s appetite must also be satisfied in a memorable way. The gastronomy of a hotel is mainly, the last flavour which the client takes away from the establishment and therefore must be planned out to the very last detail. Portals Hills, Boutique Hotel in Mallorca, guarantees a multisensorial experience matching the standards of the best restaurants in Mallorca. Our facilities include the Collins Restaurant, our restaurant in Portals Nous, which hosts the most impressive meals drenched in lifestyle and great taste with impressive sea views which will make your visit to Mallorca an unforgettable memory. Would you like to know what dishes are being cooked up in this unique location? In this blog article we will be giving you all of the information.


Starters bursting with national flavours

Every meal has a starting point, and we want yours to start in the best way. Which is why we present a series of starters stamped with the Guarantee of Origin signature so that you can savour the essence of Mallorca, Spain and the best of the Mediterranean diet. Amongst them you will find the essentials: corn fed Iberian ham with ciabatta style bread, ramallet tomatoes and flor de sal d’Es Trenc and our cheese board featuring national cheeses, which has a local Mahonés cheese, smoked Idiázabal and Manchego. We also have a quinoa salad with edamame, nuts and a lemongrass vinaigrette and a classic free range chicken Caesar salad with croutons, tomatoes, lettuce and a black olive dust. You can also savour the finesse of Italy with an exquisite and spicy arrabiatta tagliatelle.


Mouth-watering dishes to get your hands on!

A type of dish which we can guarantee you will always be in the mood for and which will make all of the family happy is finger food –something which doesn’t require cutlery–. Which is why we also wanted to include two of these select dishes on our lunch menu, with an exquisite touch which won’t disappoint. We have a VIP Club Sandwich, with chicken, smoked bacon, eggs, lettuce, tomato and Mahonés cheese, or our PH burger, 180gr of Angus beef, smoked mayonnaise, bacon, onion, Mahonés cheese, cucumber, tomato and lettuce.


From Miami to Japan, our restaurant in Portals Nous

Do you have a weakness for sushi and Japanese cuisine? Our restaurant in Portals Nous presents this carefully put together and delicate culinary speciality. Choose amongst our Pop Art style California rolls with surimi, avocado, mayonnaise, raw fish and sesame or our exclusive sashimi of the day selected by our chef. We know it will leave you wanting more!


The meat and fish options at our restaurant in Portals Nous

We know that a key element to any restaurant is their meat and fish dishes, amongst the meats selection at our restaurant, on offer is a delicious chicken supreme with a sun dried tomato chimichurri and potato confit or a tender entrecote prepared specially by the chef with grilled vegetables and mashed potatoes. Heading over to the sea, we find the fish of the day, caught directly from la Lonja, or a Peruvian seabass tiradito with a Mallorcan ‘trampó’ salad.


The desserts at our restaurant in Portals Nous

The sweetest part of the meal has arrived: the dessert. At Portals Hills, Boutique Hotel in Mallorca, we work hard to ensure that the final mouthful of your meal end in a fantastic flavour. Which is why we offer reinventions of local classics like a Pomada liquor sobert, with Menorcan gin, or our pressed ensaimada with hot chocolate. You will also find our tart tatin with vanilla ice cream, fruit and other ice cream options.


Reserve your room at our Hotel in Portals Nous

Don’t think about it any longer, reserve your room at our hotel in Portals Nous and treat yourself to some of the delicious dishes we have previously mentioned. Portals Hills and Collins Restaurant are ready to make your holiday unforgettable.